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Insights consultant Annemieke Onderdelinden delves into the questions behind the question. What is the business challenge? Which business decision needs to be taken, based on the research?

Thorough identification of the requirements is the first step Annemieke takes before she mobilises the right methodologies and research agencies. She then combines the insights with the organisation’s collective intelligence and existing data in a creative and sometimes even unorthodox way.

The result?

Annemieke’s valuable insights contribute to the growth and development of brands, markets and products.

Since 2006 Annemieke operates under the name Limewise as an independent consultant on an advisory or interim basis.

Annemieke is exceptionally experienced in:

  • Guiding research projects and delivering insights in the field of branding, innovation, communication, category management and customer experience;
  • Partnering companies in building a strong brand, format or category vision.

All this and more...

is what Annemieke achieves and has achieved in both retail and the fast moving consumer goods sector.

Annemieke | Autonomous | Thorough | Cheerful | Creative | Curious | Open | Original | Strategic | Surprising

What others say

March 2018, Edwin Bark, Managing Director Tivall Europe at Nestlé

Annemieke has been Tivall Europe / Nestlé's long term partner in developing consumer insights. During the various assignments, Annemieke has been instrumental in developing our Consumer Insights across Europe.

Her expertise in market research and long track record in FMCG has been of great value to build a common base of consumer understanding accross the differen markets in Europe. More than a consumer insights expert, Annemieke is a true business partner; pro-actively identifying business opportunities, new methodologies and very keen on finding the way to win with consumers. Her open minded character and great communication skills facilitate the interaction with different cultures accross Europe and gives her the credibility to be our leading Insights manager for the category.

May 2014, Laura Barber, Head of Insights for Sparkling- Knowledge & Insights Team, The Coca-Cola Company

Annemieke lead the insights and strategy on five of our Sparkling portfolio brands within my team on a 8 month contract. I've never seen a contractor integrate so quickly into a business.

Annemieke created trust, great relationships and confidence with senior management and brand teams alike. Annemieke brings with her a huge amount of expertise, a personable and friendly manner, the ability to challenge the status quo, innovate business process and practises and add real value in a very short amount of time. I can't recommended Annemieke highly enough and I truly hope we will work together in the future!

December 2012, Kris Geeraert, General Manager at Danone Netherlands

Annemieke is a very exprienced Market research professional, who goes beyond the standard ad hoc research approach.

She's focused on delivering value for the business, based on genuine consumer and shopper insights, and invests in understanding the true underlying elements. A true professional and great person to work with.

October 2008, Lot Hawkins (Spaan), Heinz

Annemieke Onderdelinden is one of the few truly all-round (quantitative and qualitative, agency and client side), extremely experienced, passionate researchers I know.

Her deep interest and enthousiasm in understanding the how and why of the consumer is translated in the methodologies used and analysis results. Her all-round experience gives research more depth and angles different views. I have worked with Annemieke on strategic projects for Heinz, Sara Lee and Tivall. I highly rate her for her contagious enthousiasm, energy, honesty and eagerness to learn with a no-nonsense attitude. She has a profound understanding not only of research but also how to translate findings more strategically into the company.

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